Exton R. “Buck” Johnson (B.S. business, ’63)

I remember vividly in the summer of 1959, my sweetheart and I were in summer school at State. I came to school in a 1939 Ford, which was painted bright yellow. One Monday, I’m standing in line to buy stamps at the post office. The older gentleman working behind the counter happened to be married to a distant relative of mine. He recognized me and decided to have a little fun. When I got to the front of the line, he said in a rather loud voice where everybody could hear, “I saw you in your car yesterday. Looked like you were having a problem with your steering. There was a little blonde sitting real close helping you steer it.”

Laughs broke out all around.

That old car made a lot of trips to the “W.” I charged 25 cents for passengers. Gas was about 30 cents a gallon.