Responses Back Story - Duplicating Center

Janet Martin (’08, ’84):This image is from Central Duplicating, which was located in the basement of Lee Hall. Central Duplicating was not only a printing facility but also an office supply store for the university. In the background is William Ray, pressman.

I started in 1974 working summers and then through college. Little did I know that this was the start of my career path. I learned this trade, coupled with my marketing degree and have been in printing and advertising since I left the university.

Scott Lipsey (Staff ): The press operator in the photo is William Ray. In 1984 Central Duplicating became Printing Services and moved from Lee Hall to what was Auxiliary Plaza on the corner of Hwy. 12 and Russell Street.

I started working for Printing Services in May of 1985. The printing press was a Heidelberg KORD. It was moved from Lee Hall to Auxiliary Plaza and again when the University tore down Auxiliary Plaza and the office was relocated to Hwy. 182 in the old Goose Hollow building.

In 2010 the University closed down Printing Services and the press was sold. It still ran well.

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