Mississippi State University leads all other universities in the number of affinity license plates on the road in Mississippi and continues to gain ground in other states. The purchase of MSU car tags by alumni and friends helps expand the Bulldog presence across the nation, while helping fund priority programs for the university.

“In the last 10 years, we’ve almost doubled the amount of MSU affinity plates and averaged nearly 1,000 tags per year growth,” said Jeff Davis, executive director of the Alumni Association.

In Mississippi, MSU dominates the affinity plate race holding the highest number of tags in 60 of 82 counties. Since the university’s car tag program began in the early 1990s, the effort to dot the roadways with maroon has grown tremendously, and efforts are intensifying within the state’s borders. Mississippi State is working on a campaign to target and paint the counties in Mississippi that are not already maroon.

Bulldogs in Mississippi can purchase a collegiate license plate for $53.50 per year in addition to the standard tag fee at their local county courthouses. Of this, $32.50 goes directly to Mississippi State for priority programs.

“In 2017, 22,314 tags were present in the state generating more than $725,000 in support toward priority programs at Mississippi State,” Davis said.

Along with Mississippi, MSU affinity license plates are now available in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and Washington, D.C., with efforts currently underway to include North Carolina. In the future, the Alumni Association hopes to add plates for Maryland, South Carolina and Virginia.

MSU affinity plates are growing in popularity, and the tag program varies based on each state’s regulations. By purchasing an MSU affinity license plate, citizens can show Bulldog pride wherever they reside and wherever they drive.

“MSU was the first out-of-state university plate in Alabama, and just in two years, we have more than 2,800 tags there, making us a top 10 university plate in that state,” Davis said.

MSU plates are also increasing on the roadways of Texas. In that state, 10 percent from each affinity plate supports a scholarship fund specifically for Texas residents who attend Mississippi State and meet certain criteria.

“Car tags provide great support for the university and are great ways for alumni and friends to prominently display their pride in Mississippi State,” Davis said. “We need more individuals to purchase affinity plates and continue to renew those plates annually and establish dominance within all Mississippi counties and across the United States.”

To initiate interest for MSU affinity plates in other states, contact Libba Andrews, the association’s associate director, at landrews@alumni.msstate.edu or 662.325.7000. For more information on the university’s car tag program, visit alumni.msstate.edu/cartag.