Responses Back Story: Post Office

Marvin R. Turnipseed (B.S. animal science, ’56; M.S education ’63): My family lived in northern Carroll County. The rural mail carrier picked up mail at our home around 10 a.m. every day. The post office had a mail truck crossing the state on U.S. Highway 82 from Greenville to Columbus every mail-carrying day. My mother often wrote letters to me. When she did, she got it in the mailbox in time for the mail carrier to pick it up. He got it to Carrollton in time for the mail truck to pick it up. He got it to Mississippi State in time for me to get it out of my box at 6 p.m. It was nice getting mail so promptly, especially when my mother happened to enclose $10 in the envelope, too.

Calvin H. Gray (B.S. accounting, ’66; M.S. public accounting, ’69) Linda C. Gray (B.S. accounting, ’68): After graduating from Mississippi Delta Junior College in 1964, I enrolled at Mississippi State University that fall. My address was P.O. Box 2194.

Almost every day during my first year, I received a letter from a brown-eyed girl in Greenville. We married in June 1965. She joined me at MSU and received her mail in this P.O. Box, too.

We continued to get mail at the box until we finally departed MSU in early 1969. Since then, we’ve lived in Alabama, New York, Maryland and Texas

Calvin Kelly (B.S. communication, ’75): My favorite two memories of the Mississippi State post office are the delicious chocolate chip cookies my mother sent me during my freshman year and the letters from my sweet Auburn girlfriend during my junior year. I had P.O. Box 4501, Mississippi State, MS 39762 for all four college years.