Exclusive mobile app ready for Bulldogs

The Mississippi State University Alumni Association is launching a mobile app to engage Bulldog students and alumni in a meaningful way – reaching them right where they are.

There are more than 2 billion smartphone users in the world, and in April the MSU Alumni Association joined this global movement with an app available to the university’s more than142,000 living alumni and countless friends. The app will be available for currently enrolled students in the summer.

The MSU app will deliver notifications to alumni in a timely manner that will encourage participation with the university. It also will create a virtual fence around a specific geographic area to enable the user to receive messages, alerts and other MSU information while within the area. This location-based service will provide a mobile check-in at events such as tailgates, reunions, chapter events, Senior Celebration and Ring Days.

The MSU app features a virtual membership card for all alumni and students. The card will feature a QR code that stores benefits for members.

The app is also designed to enhance the student experience at MSU. Traditions and activities will be searchable alphabetically or by class year. This interactive app will help students complete traditions like the “MSU Bucket List” through photos, video or scanning the QR code. Completion of these activities can be shared socially, which builds on the experience. Additionally, there is a leaderboard feature that ranks the performance of active users.

1. Search For Mississippi State Alumni Association in an app store.
2. Download the app and follow three simple prompts to find and authenticate your identity.
3. Connect with Bulldogs everywhere through the new mobile app offered by the MSU Alumni Association.