Alumni Delegates’ tuition drawing yields MSU scholarships for Mississippi students

The Mississippi State University Alumni Delegates, in conjunction with the MSU Alumni Association, are working to create awareness of the need for more student scholarships at the university—an effort already financially assisting students.

In 2014, the association and its student organization initiated a tuition drawing and encouraged parents of then-currently enrolled students from the state of Mississippi to help build an endowment for scholarships in support of any student chosen regardless of academic major. The drawing, which covers the cost of 12 credit hours for the winner, is now open each fall and spring semester to full-time, in-state eligible undergraduates with tickets “purchased” by parents.

Following overwhelming support of the first tuition drawing, the group continued its efforts. Once the cost for 12 credit hours of in-state tuition has been deducted from the total raised each semester, the remainder is placed in an endowed fund.

“Since a generous $25,000 has been raised from the drawings collectively, we have now reached the minimum level to endow a scholarship at Mississippi State,” said Jeff Davis, executive director of the MSU Alumni Association. “From this point forward, the Alumni Delegates will use additional funds to grow the endowment and support scholarships and programs.”

Most recently, Olivia Romito of Olive Branch received $3,751 for spring 2016. This translates into 12 “free” credit hours of in-state tuition for the junior kinesiology and clinical exercise physiology major.

Previous winners are continuing their studies at Mississippi State. The inaugural winner, Harris Ward of Belden, is a business administration major in his junior year of study. He was awarded the scholarship during his freshman year, as was the second recipient, Ross Bell of Madison. Currently, Bell is a sophomore studying kinesiology. The third recipient, Sarah Craig of Canton, was chosen for fall 2015 during her junior year. She is now in her last year of undergraduate study in psychology at Mississippi State.

“The Alumni Delegates hope to continue fundraising efforts to benefit more students in the future, and we are very grateful for all the parents who have supported the program,” said Josh Creekmore, the Alumni Delegates president.

Individuals who wish to contribute to the endowment or have questions regarding the tuition drawing should contact Libba Andrews, Alumni Delegates adviser, at 662.325.7000 or

By Laura Ladner