Celebrating 100 years - We Mean Business

The College of Business is commemorating its 100th anniversary this year with a celebration that began in January. The college’s faculty and staff are diligently working to make this year-long event a momentous occasion and one to remember for the next 100 years.

As part of the celebration, the college has launched a new branding campaign: We Mean Business. This exemplifies the mentality of our students, faculty and more than 32,000 College of Business alumni. Throughout 2015, six keywords will be unveiled that also demonstrate what “We Mean” in the College of Business through videos, stories, events and banners and more.

The College of Business means…

Leadership. We mean… students, alumni, friends, and faculty who are confident, strategic thinkers who are willing to lead and open to new challenges.

Discovery. We mean… leading-edge research for professors, graduate and undergraduate students.

Innovation. We mean… Fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship for our students, offering real-world experience for ambitious students with a creative drive.

Opportunity. We mean… affording our students the ability to achieve success in the business world, through scholarships, outstanding faculty, state of the art learning resources, study abroad internships and career networking opportunities.

Integrity. We mean… stressing the importance of responsible decision-making in all circumstances, whether or not anyone is watching.

Community. We mean… embracing the values of service, compassion, and giving back to foster a better world.

We have recently launched our 100th anniversary website—providing students, faculty, alumni and friends with access to all things centennial. There you will find historical photos, centennial videos, event information and registration, sponsorship opportunities and a place to cast your vote for the Top 100 College of Business alumni.

Alumni will have the opportunity to purchase centennial-branded merchandise such as shirts, hats, mugs, decals, and glassware to commemorate our 100th anniversary through the website–http://wemeanbusiness.msstate.edu.

The website also provides an opportunity for our alumni to share their favorite College of Business memories, experiences or photographs. Not sure what to write about? Here are a few ideas:

What do you remember most about your time in the College of Business?

Who was your favorite professor and why?

What was that one class that sparked your interests?

What were some of the trends or major events going on in the world during your time at MSU? Did that have an impact on you as a student?

Do you remember studying for that first dreaded mid-term? What class was it and who was your professor?

Do you have any funny stories from your time in the college?

What were the campus activities and organizations you were involved in? How did they impact you?

What were some of your favorites, such as place to study, eat, meet friends, etc.?

Please send the college your stories. We will publish the memories and photos that are shared in the centennial edition of Dividends magazine.

The COB Centennial Anniversary Celebration provides our university with a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of COB students, and increase the professional reputation and visibility of the college and MSU. Over the last century, the College of Business at Mississippi State has produced more than 32,000 graduates—from all 50 states and 142 countries—each one an important part of MSU’s rich history. All alumni are invited to celebrate this historic milestone throughout 2015 and be a part of leadership and excellence in the next 100 years.