Alumni Recruitment Network

Dear Alumni and Friends,

Thank you for your support of Mississippi State University. These are exciting times on campus and increased student enrollment has contributed to the excitement. MSU experienced record-breaking numbers in student enrollment in the fall of 2017 with a total enrollment of 21,884 students, which includes first-time freshmen with an average ACT score of 25.13 and a record number of transfer students.

Growing the enrollment continues to be a priority at Mississippi State University, and we need your continued assistance to make this a reality. We encourage you to consider the following ways to assist:

• Join the Alumni Recruitment Network and help us reach students in your area by visiting or by contacting the MSU Alumni Association at (662) 325-3444.
• Share names and contact information on prospective students, both those in high school and community college.
• Consider hosting a student recruitment event in your area.

Again, thank you for all that you do for our great university. If we can ever be of assistance to you, please contact our office.


John R. Dickerson
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment
University Registrar

Naron Remillard
Director of Student Recruitment

Help MSU Recruit in the following ways:

Maroon Mail Writers

You can influence a student’s decision to choose Mississippi State with the personal touch—a handwritten note. Whether you are writing to high school seniors in your city, those interested in studying in your field or students looking to become first-generation college graduates, your nudge toward Mississippi State University can make the ultimate impact.

Bully’s College Fair Crew

Take part in sharing Mississippi State’s story with students at high schools near you by representing the Bulldogs at a college fair. We want Maroon and White in high schools across the nation, and this is a huge way you can help.

Hail State Event Reps

One of the most engaging ways to recruit students is by hosting them at a personal residence or local venue. In-home and local events give students a taste of the hospitality that runs through Mississippi State’s campus, and it gives you the opportunity to spread Maroon and White in your community.

To join the Alumni Recruitment Network, visit