You are what you tweet

What does your Twitter profile say about you? A lot, according to Mississippi State alumna Germany Kent.
Regarded as “The Hope Guru,” the marketing graduate has gained international recognition as a social media enthusiast and author on the topic. She offers the following tips for optimizing your Twitter feed and thriving online:

Don’t fake it.

Invest time in pinpointing your goals. The more defined your image and clear your voice, the wider an audience your tweets will reach.

Tweet with intention.

Keep your focus. If a topic is trending that’s related to your field, tweet about it. Pose questions. Quote insights. Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags.

Tweet often, but not too often.

Give your posts time to sink in. Tweet only once every few hours for the best results.

Work in your own personality.

Include your own positive insights and add inspired messages. Don’t be afraid to voice your take on a topic, but be careful. Twitter is like a mirror, where what you say reflects right back onto you. Craft every post with intention and self-awareness.

Be consistent.

Tweet regularly. If you’re stymied, get creative. Break out of your professional mold for a tweet or two. Find some great visuals. Don’t overdo the baby or throwback Thursday photos, though. Over sharing can lose followers.

Overall, she advises to keep it professional and fun, and before you tweet anything, ask yourself these three things: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? If not, let it remain untweeted.

More of Kent’s social media insights can be found in her latest book “You Are What You Tweet: Harnessing the Power of Twitter to Create a Happier, Healthier Life” available online from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well as her website

Story by Sasha Steinberg