Click. Get. Clanga.

Bulldog fans can now add Maroon to their messages thanks to the Hail State Emoji Keyboard developed by Mississippi State Athletics.

Available for iOS and Android mobile devices, the free Hail State keyboard provides more than 40 Mississippi State-focused emojis, stickers and gifs, including an emoji of the iconic, red wax-encased Edam cheese ball.

It is the first keyboard of its kind developed for a collegiate athletics program.
“This is something for Mississippi State fans to share with one another that no other college team has right now, which is always kind of fun,” explained MSU Athletic Director Scott Stricklin.

The keyboard works within any app that supports image pasting, including iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. It can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store by searching Hail State Emoji Keyboard.