Winter 2014 Cover Image

Photo credit: Dr. J. Mark Reed is a pediatric ear, nose and throat physician at UMMC’s Batson Children’s Hospital. In his spare time, the self-taught photographer enjoys reading all he can about photography and taking photos around Mississippi, including Davis Wade Stadium.

He shared the following story about the photograph:
“A few days after the pivotal Mississippi State-Auburn game, I had the privilege of seeing a young patient who has a severe chronic medical condition and multiple special needs. It takes a lot of love and support to take care of a child like this, and both parents came, proudly wearing their Mississippi State shirts.

“I asked if they had gone to the game, and they said they had and that they attend most of the games. For some reason, I felt compelled to show them a picture I had taken at that game. This is not something that I typically do, but I wanted them to see a particular shot of Dak Prescott honoring his mother.

“As I brought up the image on my computer screen, the first thing I heard behind me was the mother say, ‘He’s still wearing our armband,’ and on her arm was the same green rubber armband—with her child’s name imprinted on it—resting on Dak’s raised arm. ‘When we gave it to him months ago, he told us that he would never take it off,’ she said.

“There were few dry eyes in the room at that moment because the armband speaks of a young man who keeps his word. Dak had no idea of the encouragement he was giving to a family that truly needs it.

“I took this shot at the University of Tennessee-Martin game, and guess what?

“He’s still wearing it.”