The Infinite Impact campaign is strengthening the work of Mississippi State University and allowing it to pursue status as one of the best all-around public universities in the nation. As of October, Infinite Impact attracted over $482 million in gifts and pledges of future support, as it moves toward its $600 million goal.

Over the past few years, Infinite Impact’s success has been evident in the significant growth in university scholarships, faculty-development opportunities and endowed positions. Primary goals of Infinite Impact continue to revolve around focus areas in the university’s eight academic colleges, schools and significant initiatives that enable the colleges to impact humanity positively worldwide.

The campaign is also impacting the university’s endowment, which stands at more than $450 million.

“Our institution is the most critical catalyst for the future of Mississippi,” said John P. Rush, vice president for development and alumni. “The success of Infinite Impact clearly can be seen in the growth of our endowment because alumni and friends are truly giving for the future since the university will reap the benefits of endowed funds in perpetuity.”

Since the campaign’s inception, 291 new scholarships have been created––both annual and endowed. These scholarships are used to attract the best and brightest students to MSU and make a college education possible for those from challenging economic backgrounds. Besides college-specific scholarships, alumni and friends can also contribute to the university’s Compass Scholarship, which provides financial assistance for students in any area of study, university-wide.

Gifts for endowed positions, in the form of chairs and professorships, through Infinite Impact can help MSU better serve its students. Esteemed faculty in every area of the university will challenge the best and brightest students to excel in all learning environments. Additional endowed positions will allow Mississippi State to lure top educators to the university’s academic community, and they, in turn, attract significant research support, outstanding graduate students and other distinguished faculty.

Thus far in the campaign, 23 new endowed faculty positions have already been established. However, some of the university’s colleges are still waiting for their first endowed positions. Minimum gift levels for endowed chairs and professorships vary by college.

Additional scholarships and endowed positions created through Infinite Impact will help MSU grow over time. As the university population increases, campaign gifts for new facilities and much-needed renovations of existing structures will allow the campus infrastructure to keep pace as more students come to Mississippi State.

“This campaign is helping our university accelerate its momentum in the pursuit of excellence in our teaching, research and outreach missions,” Rush said. “By providing more scholarships, distinguished faculty positions, improved facilities and enhanced educational programs, the campaign will help ensure a brighter future for generations of the world’s people.”

Campaign counting for Infinite Impact began in July 2010 and will continue through 2018. Donors may earmark gifts for the college, school or priority of their choosing. All gifts to Mississippi State, regardless of the designation, are commitments to the campaign. Gifts to the Bulldog Club and other athletic programs also count toward the overall goal.

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