MSU capital campaign nears $418 million

The infinite impact of success, discovery, outreach, globalization and experience all begin at Mississippi State University, and alumni and friends may positively affect lives through these vital areas during the university’s ongoing capital campaign.

Infinite Impact: The Mississippi State University Campaign continues at a steady pace. Since counting began, nearly $418 million has been raised toward a $600 million goal. Alumni and friends may contribute to MSU’s continued success and growth in years to come by making a campaign commitment now.

Over time, the multi-year endeavor will help Mississippi State achieve its long-term institutional goals. Campaign gifts will enable the university to pursue higher graduation rates, a lower student-faculty ratio, more competitive faculty salaries, and expanded opportunities for study abroad and other international experiences. These greater opportunities for faculty and students alike in interdisciplinary research can help make life better for people here and around the world.

Infinite Impact: The Mississippi State University Campaign will equate the best all-around college experiences from academics to athletics for all that make their way to the 136-year-old land-grant institution. The campaign is designed to benefit areas across campus, ranging from the eight academic colleges, Judy and Bobby Shackouls Honors College, MSU-Meridian, University Libraries and athletics. Campaign gifts may support scholarships, chairs and professorships, facilities and programs.

Since the campaign’s inception, 273 new scholarships have been created, both annual and endowed. Besides college-specific scholarships, alumni and friends also may contribute to the Compass Scholarship program that provides financial assistance for students in any area of study.
Thus far in the campaign, 23 new endowed faculty positions have been established. Some colleges still are waiting, however, for their first endowed position. By securing contributions for additional endowed positions, Mississippi State can successfully attract and retain top educators who, in turn, can attract significant research support, outstanding graduate students and other distinguished faculty members.

Additional scholarships and endowed positions will help MSU grow over time. As the university population increases, campaign gifts for new facilities and much-needed renovations of existing structures will allow the campus infrastructure to keep pace.

During the campaign, alumni and friends may choose to support the university annually through the Mississippi State Fund. These gifts daily touch the lives of MSU’s more than 20,000 students in many ways. The campaign also will generate necessary operating funds and increase MSU’s overall endowment.

Counting for Infinite Impact: The Mississippi State University Campaign began July 1, 2010, when the MSU Foundation launched its most recent effort to secure leadership-level gifts. With growing momentum, fundraising team members continue working in the public phase.

The MSU Foundation’s Office of Planned Giving is available to work with financial planners to help contributors utilize deferred options such as annuities, trusts and bequests. In addition, development directors located throughout campus are available to assist with tailored giving plans benefitting colleges, schools and other areas.

All gifts from now through 2018, regardless of the designation, are commitments to the campaign. Gifts to the Bulldog Club and other athletic programs also will count toward the overall goal. A current summary of the university’s progress and more information on specific campaign goals may be viewed at